GangYu International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.


Warehouse trailer

The company has nearly 400 square meters of self-owned warehouses in Yiwu and has co-operative warehouses in ports throughout the country to provide warehousing and interior services. There are all kinds of transport vehicles that undertake short-distance transportation, set ports, set stations, and evacuation of port transportation, as well as the transportation and distribution of domestic goods. The work vehicle travels in a one-way way within the logistics center, sets up a dedicated lane, separates the loading vehicle from the unloading vehicle, reduces the cross-running of the vehicle, separates the people and vehicles, separates the office from the storage area, ensures safety, and improves the packing process. , The combination of special tractors for containers and special flat plates is used to improve the operating rate and is more safe and reliable. At the same time, it provides enterprises with (vendor management inventory) special services.