GangYu International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.


International Chamber of Shipping

Our company specializes in the transportation of goods imported and exported to various ports in the world by China, including shipping import and export containers, bulk cargo booking, stowage, consolidation, and chartering. Implement the one-stop transportation service from inland to port, such as cargo hauling, booking, warehousing, transfer, container unpacking, customs clearance, inspection, insurance, etc. Port-to-door container and bulk cargo can be provided in some countries. Transport, with a strong system of network, to provide customers with a consignment of import and export goods, one vote in the end of the international multimodal transport services. Complete routes, frequent schedules, and reasonable freight rates.

Shipping support services: We give full play to its professional customs declaration advantages, providing customers with a one-stop service for terminal empty containers, trailers, commodity inspection, and declaration. As long as you tell your needs, the rest will be given to us. You can keep track of the flow of goods at any time, and you can stay outside of the tedious logistics chain and focus on the international market.


1. Close and good cooperation with major shipping companies. Professional operators will promptly and accurately formulate the fastest shipping method for you and provide reasonable freight rates for your reference.

2. Provide customs clearance for arrivals at various seaports in China and extend the service to all areas in China;

3. Provide door-to-door service, customs declaration and charter services for more than 100 countries around the world.

Consolidation services:

It provides a full range of cabinet services for various shipping companies to reach destinations all over the world.

LCL service:

In accordance with the customer's requirements, we provide customers with bulk shipping services in the port of departure and ship the goods in the most economical way.

Door-to-door service:

With the advantage of having agents all over the world, it provides customers with door-to-door service with more than 400 agents worldwide. Quickly and accurately send the goods to your designated location.