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International freight salesman

  • NumberSeveral
  • WorkplaceYiwu
  • DealThe basic salary is more than 1500 plus a high commission (above 44%)
  • Release Date2018-05-24
  • ValidityNo limit


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the marketing of the company's freight forwarding business;

2. Development and maintenance of corporate customers;

3, daily telephone contact customers, maintain good relations;

4. Responsible for the development and management of shipping channels;

5. Participate in the business operations of transportation.

job requirements:

1. High school education or above, freight forwarding, logistics, transportation and related majors;

2, outgoing personality, quick response, strong ability to express, with strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

3, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

4. Responsibility, confidence to withstand stress and challenge high salary;

5. Welcome graduate students who are interested in doing business.

6, increase the base salary of 1500 or more (44% or more)

Please contact me if you are interested:

Contact Person: Mr. Liu 15858986575

Contact address: Room 12B01-12B05, Block A, Futian Building, No. 1121, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu City